The Social Media Challenge

You might be shocked to hear this, but once upon a time, people enjoyed activities, new places, relationships, fun experiences, milestones and other special moments without  posting a picture of them on social media. There was a time when people would journal about their experiences, call a friend or family member to share a happy event or just savor the moment and then let it go. There was a time when political views were discussed in private and polite tones. There was a time when people that disagreed with each other cared more about understanding each other, than getting their own point across as obnoxiously as possible. (Well, not sure about that last point, but it’s a goal we can all strive for, right?)

Don’t get me wrong, I use social media, I enjoy it, and I think it’s useful, convenient and great for sharing information and keeping people connected. I am even guilty of doing most of the stuff I am ranting about. But do you think maybe we are losing something by sharing so much with so many people?

Would we actually go up to our “friends”  in person and show them that picture from the crotch down featuring our legs with the waves in the background (you know the “I’m tanning by the beach picture”)?

Would we actually walk around telling everyone how amazing life is and how in love we feel with our significant other?

Would we actually bring in pictures of what we ate for dinner at that fancy restaurant last night to show our friends, acquaintances and relatives?

Would we actually walk into work and start preaching about which political candidate we are voting for and why everyone else who doesn’t vote for said candidate is an idiot?

Social media has normalized cringe worthy behaviors, without us realizing it. Not only that, but it has led us to mindlessly violate our own privacy by allowing us to painlessly share personal details, that we wouldn’t dream of actually saying in person to the 338 (on average) people  we list as friends on Facebook.

If you agree with me,  then take the Social Media Challenge, and share this post!

The Social Media Challenge 

  1. Next time you post something, think about whether or not you would say it in person to your friends, your co-workers, your acquaintances and family members.
  2. Think about how you would feel if someone showed or said the same thing to you.
  3. Think about whether or not you would actually feel comfortable sharing potential personal details about your kids, your relationships and yourself with your “friends” or followers in person.
  4. If something doesn’t feel right after you’ve thought about all of the above, don’t post it.
  5. Comment below on your experience! (optional of course!)

Stay tuned for more Social Media Challenges!

In peace and love,



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